Sunday, 13 February 2011

So it continues....

Frs Ed Tomlison, Ivan Aquilena and his curate Dcn James Bradley have annouced their intention to join the Ordinariate.  The Anglo-Catholic blog has identified 18 Ordinariate groups in England - who would have thought there wous be such a growth in so short a time.  And to complete this - Daniel Lloyd and his wife have been received - I understand into the Ordinariate!


  1. This is excellent news and I'm glad to see Fr James and the former Fr Daniel have also made the decision to go only after a short amount of time as deacons.

    Will they be ordained as Deacons at Easter and then Priests at Pentacost aswell?

  2. Does anyone know of a group being formed in the Ealing Area of West london?

  3. It's not really a surprise. Back in October there was talk of 50 priests and 2 dozen groups. In fact that means there are still 6 groups who haven't gone public.

  4. Wonderful news!!

    Every blessing

    Dominic (Brussels)