Sunday, 23 January 2011

A morning in Westminster

So many people have posted about the ordinations last week that it seemed perhaps we didn’t need any more said.  However, last Saturday was truly memorable.  Firstly, actually being present when history is made is an extraordinary experience.  When the Archbishop asked everyone to sit down at the beginning of Mass I (like I expect most other people) could feel the anticipation rising.  We were not disappointed.  The announcement of the ‘Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham’ was made and greeted quite quietly (the applause came later).  And what an amazing name!  The shrine at Walsingham is celebrating its 950th anniversary this year.  The trajectory of history made visible.  It seems to me a direct link had been forged with England in those days when she was known as ‘Our Lady’s Dowry’.  Moving down time – Blessed John Henry Newman, the Oxford movement and of Fr Hope Patten who restored the shrine seem to have been linked together in a powerful way.

Once the Ordinariate had been officially launched we proceeded through Mass and the Ordinations of Fr John Broadhurst, Fr Andrew Burnham and Fr Keith Newton.  The thing which struck me forcibly was the complete calm surrounding these men.  The impression I received was they knew what they were doing and why.  So now the Ordinariate ahs three priests – in addition to two wives and three sisters, who themselves are a link to the shrine at Walsingham.  Then there was the music.  The choir was stunning and the congregation did pretty well too - despite the fact that the Cathedral ran out of orders of service!  And there was the amazing moment when (as the procession left the Cathedral) a wave of applause accompanied Frs John, Andrew and Keith.

Altogether what a day!

UPDATE: my apologies for getting the number of people who are members of the Ordinariate wrong.  I omitted David and Joyce Silk and Edwin and Jane Barnes who have all now been received! Sorry..

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